I have a literary agent!

  • 10 years of writing
  • 7 manuscripts started
  • 3 manuscripts finished
  • 2 manuscripts queried over 3.5 years
  • 118 rejections

When I was seventeen, a writing teacher told me that my stories didn’t resonate with her, and she wasn’t sure if there was a place for them in the market. At first, I was devastated. But then I vowed I’d prove her wrong. (It pays to be stubborn!) Some of her criticisms were valid, and I did have a lot of growing to do as a writer. (I still have more growing to do!) But I think everyone’s stories are worth telling, mine included. I’m proud of myself for not giving up because now here I am, ten years later, able to announce that I am officially represented by the wonderful Margaret Danko of Paper Over Board at the Irene Goodman Literary Agency! Margaret and I will be working on my YA sapphic contemporary fantasy retelling of Beowulf, a story that combines my love of medieval literature and history with the fantasy fangirl side I share with most of you. I’m ecstatic, overwhelmed, and moved by this step, and I hope one day you’ll all be able to read this story. I hope also that my stats will encourage you; writing is not an easy road, but it’s worth persevering. 💕

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